Ray Ozdemir

framergy was founded in early 2011 by J.M.Ornstein to commercialize the groundbreaking innovations in Dr. Hong-Cai Zhou's laboratory at Texas A&M University. These discoveries enable industry to leverage the remarkable attributes of Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) in their businesses.

Koray 'Ray' Ozdemir is the Vice President of Operations at framergy. Mr. Ozdemir has over a decade of experience in nanocatalyst/nanomaterials synthesis, gas separation, and purification areas. He has lead projects on the synthesis and characterization of high capacity adsorbents. He has synthesized and tested hydrophobic mesoporous adsorbents for the selective capture of CO2 from flue gas streams. Prior to framergy, Mr. Ozdemir worked at Lynntech as an R&D scientist, Cimtas & Mercedes Benz.

Mr. Ozdemir, who is originally from Turkey, is a mechanical engineer with a Master's degree in industrial and systems engineering from Texas A&M University. He actively publishes in academic journals.

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