MOFs and COVID-19

Clean energy and air require novel techniques for trapping single molecules rather than populations of molecules while bypassing the perils of surface attachment chemistry. But managing the dynamics of a single molecule has been problematic. Until now...

framergy® created precise molecule traps, opening up a new avenue for the design of adsorbents with ultra-high surface area, and permanent porosity. To create advanced adsorbents, we mimic the way nature builds materials at a nano-level. AYRSORBTM is a line of adsorbents based on Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) and Porous Organic Polymers (POPs), collectively coordination polymers, inspired by innovations from the labs of Hongcai ‘Joe’ Zhou and Christian Serre. We hope our offerings will help you find your next great application.

framergy, né 2011, was the first company in the world to focus solely on these materials. MOFs, referred to by many names, are revolutionizing clean energy and I committed to provide these sorbents as a reliable, high-volume, high-quality, low cost product. MOFs can be produced in monocrystalline, polycrystalline and amorphous quality, which greatly decides the usability of the material. POPs constructed from strictly organic molecules are amorphous sorbents with excellent thermal and moisture stabilities, and high gravimetric surface area. In 2018, a framergy breakthrough allowed our Company to become the first to commercialize POPs. Both materials are easily shaped.

The first incarnation of framergy was about identifying major research into coordination polymers. We learned to use our imaginations to make whatever we wanted from the resources at hand. Since our humble beginnings, our Company became the only MOF start-up with strategic investment. Today the management team, led by a seasoned engineer Ray O.K. Ozdemir, uses a comprehensive toolbox of enabling materials to create a broad range of applications. Our internationally-protected intellectual property rights strategically bundle the technology. framergy was the culmination of my love of science and nature and we are now delivering sorbents at the nexus of both.